Thursday, January 11, 2007


Heres my 2 cents on the Bush escalation theory. I think the Democrats and Republicans ought to take the money for this new deployment, and meet with the Iraqi leaders. Next inform the Iraqi leaders that we are pulling out our Troops. We make a financial settlement with the new Iraqi government so that they can begin an ethnic and regional Conservation Corps, so that Iraqis can be hired to rebuild Iraq. To heck with American Profiteers.

Heres your win win situation. Iraq needs a “New Deal” or we can continue this war for Oil and more of our sons and daughters will die. The overwhelming reason that there is so much chaos in Iraq is that the people are suffering. Our being there is the chief reason for so much death and destruction. Redeployment is the only way to stop the bleeding. Iraqi’s have lived together for generations.

We could have left Iraq after the first Iraqi elections and instituted a plan for re-building Iraq. After all, we broke it! Instead now we call for benchmarks, which at this point is shear non-sense.

Redeploy and settle with the leadership is the only answer. Instead the Administration seeks to scapegoat Iraqi leadership while the Administration conceals their quest for oil. Hope is a needed consideration, not more bullets.


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